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In 2017, I lost my beloved boxer (Maggie) of 12 years. Shortly after her passing, there was an attempted break into my home. Luckily, I had a safety latch on my door that prevented the intruder from getting into my home. I have always been an anxious person, and with two children, I have taken the necessary precautions to make sure my home is safe.

I started thinking… what would happen if someone does break in while I am alone, and I am unable to get to my cell phone or even my house phone? What about other women who work? Or a daughter that goes to college? What if you’re a real estate agent showing a home and you find yourself in a dangerous situation that you can’t get to your phone?

Well, I am not one to wait and find out! My husband and I took a gun safety course, started looking into other methods of protection, and decided we were going to start a company that offers everything that a person would need to keep them protected. Our line of safety packages are ideal for any situation, any individual who wants that extra line of protection. Our GPS (911-Panic button) have proven to save 3-5 minutes on getting in touch with 911 to get help! It may not seem like much, but 3-5 minutes when in danger can be a lifetime… and can mean the chance between life or death.

Then in 2018, my husband who was driving on a highway at 1:30 in the morning was in a car accident and ended up off the side of the road with no cell phone! A deer jumped the guard rail and landed right in front of him! He was stuck on a highway that is not heavily traveled, and had to wait 30 minutes before seeing someone to flag down to call for help.

This is when we knew that we needed to take the mission that we believed in and launched Absolutely Concealed in 2019. We live in a different world today! Think about all the mass shootings, increased sexual abuse and sexual assault cases, increased drug use… you need to keep you and your family protected!

Safety is not just for a home, it’s for travel, it’s for everyday-everywhere situations!


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