Testing refers to the process of monitoring the housing market to determine the nature and extent of discriminatory treatment accorded to homeseekers. Two individuals, alike in every aspect except the variable being tested, are sent to the same rental or sales office. These testers play the role of homeseekers – persons looking for a housing unit in which to live. Testers make objective reports of what transpires. Testers must be objective, careful observers, accurate reporters, and truthful witnesses. Any differences in treatment may form the basis for the successful resolution of a housing discrimination complaint.

Tester Training

FHP  invites you to participate in Housing Discrimination training.

All testers are required to complete a tester training course. The 2.5 tester training provides an overview of fair housing law, reviews the nature and structure of housing discrimination tests, and teaches prospective testers to report their experiences in an objective, professional manner.

Become A Tester

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