BlueRoc is a real estate investment company that’s geared toward a win-win scenario for all parties involved. We are supportive of those homeowners when they need help in selling their unwanted home as-is, whether they must sell quickly, need the cash, are relocating, or stuck with a double mortgage because of an inheritance. No matter the circumstances, we can help.

We are in the house flipping business in Pittsburgh and adjacent communities and are always searching for our next project. We’re especially proud to take part in the revitalization of neighborhoods around town and enjoy helping to provide the streets of Pittsburgh their curb appeal.

Unlike many in our business, we are also a construction company, with years of experience in constructing both residential and commercial properties.

As a leading buyer of homes in the greater Pittsburgh area, BlueRoc understands the challenges that sellers face, and go all out to make selling your house an easy and gratifying experience. Recognized for our transparency, sincerity and trustworthiness and for making the best possible offer to our sellers, we’re prepared to make you a no-obligation, all cash offer today.


Mike Lendker is the founder and owner of BlueRoc

Okay, so I grew up in the Beechview section of the ‘burgh, a working-class neighborhood in the city’s South Hills. No silver spoons here, just hard-working people who shared a work ethic and a devotion to their community. I played some sports growing up and later coached quite a bit. You know, the usual, baseball, basketball, soccer, boxing. Always involved in the community, always doing a lot of volunteer and charity work. I’m a Gemini and enjoy long walks through Beechview where I still live.

I was fascinated by construction at a very early age, finishing drywall and minor carpentry jobs before I turned 10. I spent a lot of free time working and learning the trades from the best guys I could find. I also formed a long-term relationship with my circular saw.

One of the first things that drew me to buying and selling homes was witnessing investors come into a neighborhood, buying up properties, and letting them sit a while with never an attempt to make any improvements. When I bought my first “flip,” the neighbors were sad to see me leave after I was done. We not only had developed a great personal relationship, but more importantly, the neighborhood was in much better shape. Sure, I made a few bucks, but helping everyone take greater pride in their community was pretty important to me. I was pumped. I was excited. I looked at it as a win-win. I thought if I could make a living doing what I like, completing a quality remodel, and helping make the neighborhood a better place for everyone, then I can see myself doing this for a long time. As they say, you can take that to the bank.