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Do you have German WWI/WWII, US, Japanese, or other World Nations militaria? Ever wonder what someone is willing to pay for your items or collection? Epic Artifacts wants to hear from you! We will review the items you have, and give an accurate valuation within 24 hours.

Please use the form on this page, to include a brief description of the items you have, and upload accompanying pictures. If you do not have photographs ready to be submitted, no worries. You will receive an email response, with your initial inquiry, which you can reply to with additional information or images. It is always best to send images with an inquiry to get the most accurate valuation based on condition.

To include photos now, simply click “choose file” under upload images. Try to submit images that show the item in entirety. Be sure to include each side of the item. Close up shots are extremely helpful of showing any markings or damaged areas. If you have an item similar to one found on our site, simply photograph the same angles and close up shots you see displayed of the item on our site.

To include photos later, simply reply to the email response from our server with you initial inquiry.

Photography Tips

Here are some simple steps to help you take, and send, the best quality images to us:

  1. Clean the lens
    – Clean optics is key to a clear image, free of spots or distortions. Use a duster or soft microfiber cloth to gently clear any dust, finger prints, or debris that may have collected on the front of your lens.
  2. Turn off the flash
    – On camera flashes tend to create unwanted reflections in shiny or reflective objects, such as items painted in enamel paint.
  3. Turn on HDR (High Dynamic Range)
    – If your camera has an HDR function, turn it on. This will insure that the highest amount of detail in the shadows and highlights is captured.
  4. Get the right light
    – The best light in most instances is going to be natural light; close to a window or outdoors. If you are going to take pictures indoors with overhead lights, try to avoid bare bulb or spot type lights. These will create harsh shadows and unwanted reflections.
  5. Get close and fill the viewfinder
    – Try to fill the entire frame of your viewfinder or screen to get the most detail. Images that are taken too far away will have little detail.
  6. Make sure you are sending files that do not exceed 2.5MB per images
    – Some email clients, such as Apple Mail, tend to shrink the size of your image. Check at the top of your email to make sure the image size says actual size.
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