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Disability protections includes requests for reasonable accommodations and reasonable modifications.


Fair housing includes federal, state and local protections.


Know your rights and responsibilities within fair housing.


Be involved with fair housing and social justice as a tester.


Attend for the first-time or as a refresher a fair housing training or workshop.


The impact of the COVID-19 virus includes xenophobia and racism.

Recognize the difference between legitimate health and safety concerns from discrimination.
Asians and Asian-Americans within the United States are not inherently at a high risk of having the virus.



FHP is committed to advocating on behalf of victims of housing discrimination. Check out FHP’s Stories of Fair Housing to see your neighbors who the fair housing laws help.



The Fair Housing Partnership enforces fair housing rights through advocacy and education. To support our mission of ensuring that western Pennsylvanians have housing choice, please consider making a monetary donation online.



Lorenzo and Gwen Mitchell are an interracial family who are homeowners in Denver, CO. Lorenzo is Black and Gwen is white. They obtained two separate home appraisals of $405,000 and $550,000.

The difference?

Whether Lorenzo or Gwen was home with the appraiser.

“Last night America was shocked by a senseless act of violence…When the Nation so urgently needs the healing balm of unity, a brutal wound on our conscience forces upon us all this question: What more can I do to achieve brotherhood and equality among all Americans?”

In celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today we remember his commitment.

In 1966, the Fair Housing Act was introduced to Congress in large part due to Dr. King.

In 1968, the Fair Housing Act was passed into law in a direct response to Dr. King’s assassination.

An estimated 15% of #PA renters will face eviction in January 2021 as reported by @char_keith of @SpotlightPA.

Remember renters are disproportionately Black, Latino, people with disabilities, households with children, and other Protected Classes based on gaps in homeownership.

In 1937 the federal Home Owners' Loan Corporation classified the Hill District as "Hazardous" because of a "Concentration of negro and undesirables."

As a result, the Hill District received NO residential mortgages, construction or renovation.

The Daily Show@TheDailyShow

Why is the home ownership gap worse for Black Americans now than it was during segregation?

If you don’t know, now you know:

The US Department of Transportation recently defined that on airlines that service animals are defined as a dog, with no breed or type restrictions that are trained to perform a task for a person with a disability.

The data is indisputable. Western @PennsylvaniaGov is racially segregated.

In 1933, at least 46 Black Pennsylvanians in Industry were beaten, extorted, kidnapped, and deported by police led by Beaver County. The Black Pennsylvanians were new residents from other states.

#GivingTuesday emphasizes giving back to communities and causes in safe ways that allow for social connection and kindness even while practicing physical distancing. Please consider donating to Fair Housing Partnership of Greater Pittsburgh, Donate here: https://fhp.org/take-action/donate

Interested in supporting @FHPPgh outside a cash donation? This #GivingTuesday DONATE YOUR TIME by volunteering as a tester!

Testers are critical for FHP’s investigations into allegations of housing discrimination. Sign up for a tester training! https://fhp.org/take-action/volunteer/

.@PennsylvaniaGov landlords are not required to show their expertise of PA’s Landlord and Tenant Act of 1951 or fair housing laws.

Support FHP’s trainings to landlords as a proactive approach to fair housing by donating for #GivingTuesday: https://fhp.org/take-action/donate/

For #GivingTuesday donate to @FHPPgh to support fair housing in Pittsburgh and western PA. Help us:

Address anti-Semitism and harassment.

Support a Black family access the neighborhood they desire.

Assist with installing a stair lift.

Donate here https://fhp.org/take-action/donate/

New COVID-19 research shows: ending the eviction crisis is critical to public health. Co-authors & I document how eviction increases #COVID19 spread & increases health inequity among Black and Latinx people & women. In press at Journal of Urban Health: https://bit.ly/COVID19HousingisHealth

Peters Township School District’s marching band wore blackface to its school’s football game against Woodland Hills.

Peters Township is 0.6% Black.

Woodland Hills School District is 27.6% Black.

Housing discrimination has left our schools segregated.

The Pinedas, a Latina and Filipina couple with minor aged children who live in Louisville, KY have had racial slurs painted on their sidewalk, cat litter put in their fountain, and death threats with bullets left in their mailbox.

Their attacker? Their neighbor.

“Pittsburgh is a focal point for white supremacy and extremists, an FBI analyst said…” in a recent symposium on domestic terrorism at Duquesne University.

“Extremist groups are active here in holding events and recruiting.”

"It’s a common misconception: Black people would be wealthier if they just didn’t spend so much on clothes, sneakers and cars;

Black families’ median wealth is $24,100;

White families’ median wealth is $188,200”

@SingletaryM lays out the math of systemic racism.

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