The Fair Housing Partnership of Greater Pittsburgh is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating equal housing choice in southwestern Pennsylvania. FHP is the only private fair housing organization dedicated to serving the entire greater Pittsburgh region and assists individuals in the area who believe they have experienced housing discrimination. We are also available to assist persons with disabilities with preparing requests for reasonable accommodations and modifications so that they may have full access to housing. If you feel you have been discriminated against in your rental, sales, mortgage, or homeowner’s insurance process, FHP can fight for you up to and including litigation when needed. All services are free of charge for victims of discrimination.

Fair Housing Partnership has three important roles:

  • fair housing advocate and enforcer of fair housing laws
  • providing education and outreach to the community regarding the Fair Housing Act
  • training housing providers and government officials on their obligations under the Fair Housing Act


The Fair Housing Partnership of Greater Pittsburgh is a full-service fair housing enforcement organization that ensures equal housing choice through education, fair housing analysis, enforcement actions, outreach, and community organizing in western Pennsylvania.


In the 1980’s, organizers in cities across the United States established Fair Housing groups to address systemic housing discrimination. Pittsburgh, PA was no exception. Donna C., a fair housing activist at the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, realized while attending a conference that the city of Philadelphia had two Fair Housing agencies while the city of Pittsburgh had none. She decided to change that. She worked with organizers from the Philadelphia, PA area fair housing groups to craft a proposal. In 1984, the Community Housing Resource Board (CHRB) was created and engaged in fair housing efforts throughout the Pittsburgh, PA area. In 1993, the CHRB, reorganized by pivoting its organizational focus from education to enforcement because direct action was needed to address housing discrimination. As a result, on January 8, 1993 the CHRB changed its name to the Fair Housing Partnership (FHP).

FHP became and continues to be the leading force for fair housing in western Pennsylvania having assisted thousands of people to gain access to housing free from discrimination. While FHP has made great strides to end housing discrimination in western Pennsylvania, we recognize that there is still much work to do.


  • Advocate and fight for your fair housing rights
  • Investigate your claim of housing discrimination
  • Assist you in filing a fair housing complaint
  • Refer your case to attorneys who specialize in fair housing litigation
  • Educate individuals, real estate professionals, condominium/ homeowners’ association members and municipal officials about fair housing laws and responsibilities
  • Provide fair housing education materials for your organization or municipality
  • Write a letter to request an accommodation for your disabilit

If you have been a victim of discrimination, all of our services are free of charge.


  • Robert Perry, PNC Bank
  • Andie Thieman,
  • Hon. Tom Caulfield, Magistrate


Sue Tran

Fair Housing Specialist

Maria Driediger

Enforcement Coordinator

Raymond Moore

Education and Outreach Coordinator

Daisy Randall


Megan Confer-Hammond

Chief Operating Officer

Jay Dworin

Chief Executive Officer