Housing professionals play a key role in fair housing and equal opportunity. How we promote and sell housing, mortgages, and insurance affects more than the real estate market. When done fairly, it supports diverse and welcoming neighborhoods, as well as provides everyone equal access to the full range of housing options. Even with the Fair Housing Act and other fair housing laws in place, achieving fair housing is a complex task. Proactive steps prevent housing discrimination in the first place, and we believe that real estate agents, lenders, insurance agents, government officials and landlords have a role.

Learn More About Fair Housing Laws

Check out FHP’s fair housing trainings for housing providers and government officials available via our Education & Outreach

Research Best Practices

Stay-up-to date with fair housing information regarding case resolutions, guidance and implementation of fair housing laws, rules and regulations. Topics include:

  • Affirmative Marketing (Advertising)
  • Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing
  • Disparate Impact
  • Occupancy Policies
  • Local Ordinances and Zoning
  • Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications
  • Sexual Harassment


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