FHP believes that education is at the heart of addressing housing discrimination. As a result, FHP developed a comprehensive education and outreach program to raise awareness about fair housing rights and responsibilities throughout western Pennsylvania.

Education and outreach as well as trainings are tailored to the audience’s needs. Examples of emphasized topics include but are not limited to occupancy as it relates to familial status, reasonable accommodations and modifications for people with disabilities, design and construction, zoning, disparate impact and Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.

Community Education

FHP provides community education such as via presentations, workshops, tabling and other events. Education and outreach activities are tailored to educate community members about their fair housing rights as well as to address their questions and concerns. For example, an offered workshop is an overview of the Fair Housing laws followed by a discussion about racial segregation in the greater Pittsburgh, PA region.      

Educations and outreach events to the community are offered free of charge. To pursue an education and outreach event contact Ray at FHP via ray@dev.prizumweb.com.

Training Housing Providers and Government Officials

FHP provides a combination of regularly scheduled public trainings and private trainings tailored to the needs of housing providers and government officials. FHP’s training provides an overview of the Fair Housing Act, other civil rights legislation as well as state and local fair housing laws. The training addresses jurisdiction and standing for all parties. The training covers reasonable accommodation and modification requests for people with disabilities. Additionally, the training includes Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing obligations. Recipients of these trainings include landlords, real estate agents, management staff, Homeowner Associations, government officials, zoning boards and many more.

Please note that is a fee may be charged for private trainings to housing agencies and other housing professionals. To pursue a fair housing training contact Megan at FHP via megan@dev.prizumweb.com.


FHP has a wide range of materials covering fair housing issues specific to all protected classes as well as the disability provisions for reasonable modifications and reasonable accommodations, including service and emotional support animals. To receive any of our materials contact Ray at FHP via ray@dev.prizumweb.com.