We all have goals right? Here are some of the best ways to achieve them:

  1. Set at least one goal every day that motivates you to get better at something.
  2. Most times it’s your effort that will determine if you achieve your goal!
  3. Make sacrifices, not excuses, when going after your goals.
  4. You won’t be the best you can be if you’re always setting easy goals.
  5. Be positive! People with positive attitudes have a better chance of achieving their goals.
  6. Always have some goal to reach. If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.
  7. If your goal is winning, outworking your competition gives you a better chance to achieve it.
  8. Some people will doubt you and your goals. Ignore them…then show them.
  9. Take 15 or 20 seconds each day to close your eyes and picture yourself achieving a goal.
  10. The greater the adversity…the more satisfied you’ll be after overcoming it.
  11. Set goals for yourself that are higher than other people’s goals for you.
  12. Quitting can be a habit…so don’t start!
  13. The more you practice and prepare, the more confident you’ll be going after your goal.
  14. Have a big goal that seems impossible? Break it down into smaller goals that are much more possible.
  15. You’ll only achieve your goals if you focus on them each and every day.
  16. Overcoming some adversity will make you feel prouder when you accomplish your goals.
  17. Don’t be afraid of adversity. Expect it. Then expect to overcome it.
  18. Having a goal is not enough. You need a plan to achieve it.
  19. Write your goals down so you can see them every day.
  20. Make practice and preparation goals. Achieving them will lead to accomplishing your bigger goals.
  21. Make it a goal to push yourself every day to get better at something.
  22. It’s better to set goals that are too high, than not high enough.
  23. Working on your weaknesses in practice or preparation will make it easier to achieve your goals.
  24. Always include a time limit when setting your goals so there is a sense of urgency.
  25. What do you do after achieving your goal? Set a higher one and go after it.
  26. The harder you work towards a goal, the harder it is to quit.
  27. Make sure your goals are important enough to motivate you to really go after them.
  28. It’s the quality of your goals – not the quantity – that is important.
  29. Don’t look for shortcuts when going after your goal. They will fail you in the end.
  30. Always believe that any adversity you face in going after your goals will be only temporary.
  31. Important goals require time. Learn to balance a sense of urgency with patience.
  32. Try setting a weekly goal, then 1 or 2 goals that you need to accomplish every day to achieve it. (Write them down!)
  33. Making the right goal choices is always the first step in becoming successful.
  34. Set goals that you can measure. What gets measured…gets done.
  35. Make your daily and weekly goals as specific as possible.
  36. Don’t be secret about your goals. Let other people know about them.
  37. Make sure your goals require your best effort. Goals that are too easy won’t make you better.
  38. Make sure your goal is something you really want – not a goal others want for you.
  39. If you think a big goal is impossible, break it down into 5 smaller goals that are possible for you.
  40. Missing a goal doesn’t mean you’re a failure because failure isn’t permanent unless you quit trying.
  41. Don’t limit your goals to only one part of your life.
  42. When you have a goal, it’s important to keep track of your progress.
  43. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in choosing your goals or trying to achieve them.
  44. If you achieve a goal too easily, make sure you set a harder one next time.
  45. Reward yourself when you finally achieve your goal – whether it’s a small or bigger goal.
  46. It’s easier setting goals together with a friend. Then you each can keep track of the other’s progress.
  47. Don’t set too many goals at once. It’s better to achieve a few goals than have too many and not accomplish any.
  48. When you write down a goal, also write down the reason for achieving it, so you see the goal and reason every day.
  49. Always look for ways to make achieving your goal fun.
  50. Studying those who are expert at this goal you’re trying to accomplish helps you achieve that goal.