“At Remstate you feel at home, like you’ve known them your whole life. Remie goes out of his way to do anything for anyone. Motivated, and self-driven and always in tune with everything that’s going on. Has great values and a big heart. He’s a good friend, an excellent networking teammate.”
Chris Pennington, VP US Operations Anchor Drilling Fluids

“In 2015, my business was only a concept when I met Remie. He was instrumental in getting us off the ground, and he has been critical to our continued success. I consider Remie to be my most important business relationship in energy.”

Jeff Sefchok, President Camelback Resources
“Remstate always had a genuine care for others…a knack for finding a need where others need help and filling that void. I know in the sales world you can read a hundred self-help books but you need not because Remie instinctively has what people want and that is trust. Remie stands out because many times he puts others first.”
Danny Childers, President, LEAM Drilling Systems, Inc.


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